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An independent fully qualified electrical business serving Reading / The Thames Valley

Established in 2006.

Red Kite general electrical services

Red Kite works for domestic and commercial clients in Reading and the Thames Valley.

Operated by an electrician with up to date City & Guilds qualifications relevant to the current 18th edition of the wiring regulations. I am a member of the Blue Flame Competent Persons scheme. This means I am able to self certify my work under Part P of the building regulations. As far as you, the customer are concerned this is exactly the same as the National Inspection Council for Electrical Industry Contracting, the NICEIC. Orientated around the needs of the domestic market we can take care of all your home and small business electrical and networking needs;

                                pointSafety advice

                              pointElectric vehicle charging points

bullet point New Lighting & Down lighters
                              pointFuse box replacement

                              pointData networking, and installation
                              pointCircuit alterations

                              pointExternal work
                              pointInspections and reports

                              pointBoiler control systems

Need some friendly advice on electrical work? Here are some advice and tips pages that might help ;

                                pointSitting in the dark because a device in
the consumer unit keeps tripping? Check here first
                              pointPlease explain Part P. What is a 'Competent Person'?
                              pointI have to get my electrical wiring inspected.
What does this involve?
bullet point Planning major changes at home?
Advice on planning the job to save time and money

Red Kite terms of business

This statement is intended to save all parties time. If you are simply going to get 3 quotes and accept the cheapest please do not contact Red Kite.

Potential customers should reflect on what are you getting when you get 3 quotes and take the cheapest? Electrical work is not the same as some cosmetic trades. Electricity is potentially lethal and cutting corners can lead to tragedies.

Red Kite cannot compete with the considerable amount of unregistered electrical work being done. If you do not care about the requirements of BS7671 (The Wiring Regulations), legally required Part P notifications and are prepared to put your family or employees at risk from shock or fire Red Kite cannot help you. We do not do that kind of work.

We can however; 1)Work with practical lay people to save you money by supervising the diy or other unskilled labouring associated with electrical work. (There is more about this option further down the page) 2)If you have used a contractor who has 'forgotten' to issue certification, or Part P completion paperwork a regular work away from the Reading area has made the owner of this business something of a specialist in finding ways to legitimatly issue remedial paperwork.

Red Kite Electrical -a quality job, at a fair price

No obligation estimates done for properties within 10 miles of Red Kite's home base. Further afield I will ask for a small 20 contribution to the cost of transport, which will be deductible from the final invoice.

Other than for the most straightforward jobs Red Kite does not give fixed price quotes. Why?

  1. It is not possible to give an accurate assessment of how much work even quite small electrical jobs involve until tests to confirm the safety of your existing wiring.
  2. Not only is all Red Kite work done to the highest standard it is always certificated when required by the regulations-you get a legal document from us proving the work has been done correctly. Even in the era of Part P regulations, many electrical jobs are done without regard to the Wiring Regulations. Certification that should be issued is not, and jobs are not notified to the local authority as legally required by Part P of Building Regulations.

    This is possible because it is easy to make electrical circuits work. The more difficult part is to prove that they are safe before they have mains electricity put through them. There are many ways to cut corners that will not be apparent to the lay person, and many of these tricks can save unscrupulous traders a lot of time and money. We do not play these games. Doing the work properly costs more. It is often difficult to illustrate what this means in pictures, but here are just 2 examples that could be photographed.

  3. PVC twin & earth to shed
    A nice bit of interior cable run down a gutter,
    and slung across to the shed without support. No no, no!
    Boiler control installation by bodget&scarper
    plumbers. No, no, no!

    The former situation, of unprotected PVC cable run over lengths round and between building is very common, and of course it will work, in the sense that the plug and the light in the shed will turn on. But it is potentially dangerous, and we are not doing it, because we are not going to prison for doing an electrical job that hurt someone. There are safe ways to get power to outbuildings, but they take more time and involve more and different equipment than a bit of twin and earth, a lamp holder and a plug socket.

    Other common examples of 'mistakes' that are more difficult to illustrate in pictures are recessed lights forced against wooden joists, and packed up with internal insulation. This can cause excessive heating, and consequential fire risk, and certainly damage to fittings, cables and decoration. Or changing the the 8 kw shower to a 11.5 kw shower without replacing the cable, and tampering with the fuse or circuit breaker so that no tripping occurs. This again is extremely dangerous, but it will probably work long enough for the clown that does it to get paid and disappear ('no wonder he was 200 cheaper than that painful bloke we had round from Red Kite').

    This is why, if you are intending to obtain competitive quotes it is unlikely that Red Kite will be the cheapest. However, if a competitive quote is significantly cheaper than Red Kite's estimate you should ask yourself why -if you do not get a completion certificate and local authority building control become aware of this you may have a serious problem at the end of your project.

    If you need to get electrical work done on a budget, the best way to save money is not to accept the cheapest quote, but to do some of the work yourself, leaving Red Kite to do only those elements of the work that need a qualified specialist. There is more on this option on the on the advice page, under the section on Part P, and here are some general points about the order in which major disruptive work on your home should be done.

  4. Can we tidy and vacuum up after we finish? Yes we can, but we still expect to get paid as electricians whilst we are doing so. So you may prefer to do some of this work yourself.

Please note RKE is not a waste carrier, and we can be fined if we are caught removing waste from site. All rubbish and debris will be tidied in to sacks for disposal by the customer.

So how do we price work? Red Kite uses a fixed daily rate, agreed at the outset of a job, which is negotiable. In exchange for this fair deal all materials are sold to the customer at a minimal markup, including the benefit of our wholesale discount (we can install customer supplied equipment but savings are usually totally illusory, and you as the supplier must deal with any problems not directly caused by faulty installation).

Time estimates are provided at the outset, and all contingencies discussed with the customer at the earliest opportunity. This system is the fairest to both parties. It even allows the customer to change the work specification during the job, with no detriment to either side.

Again, if you must have a fixed price please do not contact Red Kite, as we will just be wasting time.

Finally a some points about payment;

  1. Yes we accept cash. But the price is the same as paying by cheque or BACS transfer (which is actually how we prefer to get paid). We can take cards in person.
  2. Estimated prices for work will be given including VAT on materials, so that will also be the price you actually pay. There are no hidden extras.
  3. We prefer to do business on the basis of trust, especially if people are sitting in the dark, but unfortunately a tiny minority of people believe that they can order work from small tradespeople and refuse to pay. Because of this, and with much regret, I have had to vary my terms of business with effect from February 2011 for landlords and others who order work in premises that is not their personal residence, on the first occasion that they order such work. I will need such customers to pay a deposit via BACS transfer before I can attend. I have had to introduce this clause because I have been defrauded in the past.

We hope all our clients understand this is the basis of Red Kite's contract with you for the protection of all involved.