Red Kite Electrical, domestic and commercial electrical work in the Reading area

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An independent fully qualified electrical installation business.

Red Kite is taking a sabbatical in autumn 2021, and is not accepting new inquiries for work during this period.
I am still available for any warranty calls for work done in the last 12 months.


Mobile: 0788 2737402

Cold callers please note. The mobile number is provided here for genuine customer inquiries, and suppliers with whom we have an existing relationship, not cold sales calls. It is, in fact, listed on the telephone preference service. We do not want to receive unsolicited sales calls whilst we are on site, because we are busy working for our current customer. If you wish to make a cold call please use the land line or, better still, send ONE email.

Address: 10 Onslow Gardens, Caversham, Reading, RG4 5HY